I actually completed my ‘About’ page. I’m satisfied and pretty proud.

Simply put, I love books and I love words. And that’s what this blog is about.

The name says it all. Words and Plots: The words and plots of my favorite books, the words and plots of my life. Hi, I’m Mindy Parrish. I love books, I love to read. My family is crazy.
Books saved my life.

Other (more wordy) ways to describe this blog,

A well organized, well researched, masterfully articulated blog showcasing masterful articulation….
A blog highlighting and celebrating creative, intelligent, inspiring language and stories….
A blog about novels, books, stories, writing, poetry and prose…
A blog about my passion for words and the art of storytelling…
A sophisticated wonderland of quotes, reviews, insights, and intelligent reflections!

Well, I can’t make promises regarding the sophisticated wonderland or intelligent reflections, but I can promise there will be lots of quotes and lots of enthusiastic “reviews” of my favorite novels and short stories. I can also promise venting and raging, monologue style lamentations, and random angry ramblings regarding personal family drama.
After all, “my babbling capabilities are infinite.” (~Lorelai Gilmore)



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